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Estate Planning and Elder Law News

When Interest Rates Are Low, It's High Time for Estate Planning
A time of low interest rates is an ideal time to enact appropriate estate planning strategies.

Protecting Our LGBT Seniors in Long-Term Care Facilities
Today (11-5-15) the San Francisco Board of Supervisors votes of groundbreaking legislation designed to protect LGBT seniors in long-term healthcare facilities.

Retired Chiropractor at Center of Legal Battle Dies
A retired Clinton Township chiropractor whose biological children waged a public battle over his guardianship and health care died this week at 78. His care had become a dispute between his children and his wife, who was not their mother.

Relationships & the Law Today: Importance of Estate Planning
Not all Illinois residents are aware that if they die without a will, state law will decide who inherits their assets. While in many instances, the pertinent legal statute works well, in some it may conflict with the testator's wishes, particularly when the situation involves gay unmarried couples.

Your Estate Plan: Be Aware of New Laws
An important aspect of estate planning concerns the manner in which you pass on your assets to your heirs, especially in view of changing tax laws. This is why it's essential to have a qualified estate planning attorney to shepherd you through the maze of tax and inheritance laws.

Make Your Estate Creditor-Proof
There are four basic ways to avoid probate and protect your estate.

Family Fights Attorney Getting Millions from Client's Will
Even if the testator's wishes are clear, all estate planning documents must be drafted and executed according to Michigan ethics rules. Otherwise, the consequences can be enormous, as in this case, and involve tens of millions of dollars.

Son Charged With Abuse of Elderly Mother
Supposed to be her sole caretaker, a man allegedly left his mother in filthy conditions and now faces adult abuse charges.

Michigan Medicaid Recipients at Risk of Losing Coverage
Healthy Michigan, the state's expanded Medicaid program, faces an uncertain future as the Department of Health and Human Services awaits a waiver from the federal government.

Michigan Is One of Five States With a "Right to Try" Law
Terminally ill patients have access to experimental drugs under a state law after certain conditions have been met.

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