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I'm Andrew Byers and I have been practicing Elder Law and Estate Planning for over 27 years in Oakland County, Michigan. In my Elder Law and Estate Planning practice, I help middle-age and older people and their families with the following issues:

  • Medicaid planning and applications to help pay for long-term care in a nursing home;
  • Medicaid planning and applications to help qualify for community-based Medicaid programs that assist with long-term care outside of a nursing home
  • Guardianship when a senior citizen lacks the ability to make their own medical and care decisions or are neglecting their care;
  • Conservatorship when an older person is not able to manage their property or pay their bills;
  • Estate planning to provide for management of assets upon incapacity and distribution of the estate upon death in an efficient manner;
  • Assistance with the probate court process when someone passes away and has the type of estate that needs to be settled in probate court; and
  • Settling trusts after death.

Feel free to call me; there is no charge for the initial call. We will spend a few minutes on the call to answer some preliminary questions and see if it's something I can help with. If so, we can schedule a more in-depth consultation in my office or over Zoom.

Peace of Mind Made Simple

Andrew Byers is an estate planning, elder law, and probate attorney in Troy, Michigan with 27 years of practical experience you can use to safeguard your savings and protect yourself. I strive to help my clients avoid and solve problems with clear, effective, and affordable legal services and counsel. I advise clients in Troy, Michigan and surrounding communities in Oakland County and the rest of Metro Detroit. Take the first step to obtaining peace of mind by contacting me using the online form or by calling (248) 469-4261.

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