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Dealing with an aging parent has it's difficulties. One of the difficulties my family encountered while dealing with an aging parent was enrollment in Medicaid. After reading reviews on lawyers that handle elder law, our family decided to contact Mr. Byers. Having Mr. Byers handle the enrollment in Medicaid has been eye opening. As a family we first decided to try and enroll ourselves. DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE YOURSELF! The enrollment can only be handled by a person who has the knowledge and experience of dealing with a system that is geared to deny. Mr. Andrew Byers has that knowledge and experience. During this difficult time our family has been let down, ignored, and marginalized by corporations and individuals. Not so with Mr. Byers. His professionalism, ability to communicate, and on more than one occasion, talk us off the ledge is a rarity. Take one problem off of your plate and hire Mr. Andrew Byers as your counsel.

February 18, 2022

– The Morrison Family

How I Can Help

I help seniors and their families to prevent the devastating financial effects of long term care. I assist and represent clients in and from the entire metro Detroit area, including all communities in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties. In-person meetings with Andrew Byers are available at his office Monday through Friday. Video conferences over Zoom or Microsoft Teams are also available.

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